Beyond Greens Review: Ingredients, Benefits, & Side Effects

by Joe Costello, CNC | Green Drinks & Superfood Drinks

Beyond Greens supplement bag

Live Conscious Beyond Greens (rebranded from LiveWell Beyond Greens) is a green powder supplement designed to help improve energy, digestion, and immunity. In this Beyond Greens review, we will analyze the Supplement Facts Panel, customer reviews, and more in order to come to a conclusion about the product.

Live Conscious is a reputable United States based company, so we were excited to post our review of their greens powder when we first discovered it. However, upon further examination of the nutrition label, we became severely disappointed.

While we do NOT recommend Live Conscious’s Beyond Greens product based on a variety of factors that will be discussed throughout this review, you can learn about a few green drinks we do recommend here: BEST SUPERFOOD POWDERS.

Beyond Greens review: Is Live Conscious Beyond Greens any good?

Beyond Greens provides an abysmal 2,650 milligrams worth of superfoods per serving, which is an extremely low number compared to the top shelf superfood supplements the market has to offer.

To really put this into perspective, take a look at our top rated greens supplement. TOTAL LIVING DRINK provides 15,000 milligrams worth of superfoods per serving, making it literally 500% more potent than this supplement. This may actually be the weakest greens powder we have ever reviewed on this site.

Again, we had high expectations from Live Conscious, so this is pretty disappointing, but not to worry…there are plenty of highly potent green drink supplements out there for consumers to choose from. Personally I take the Total Living Drink every morning, and as a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC), I recommend the Total Living Drink to all of my clients who ask about greens powders.

To further prove my point of how severely Beyond Greens lacks potency, here is a picture I took of one Beyond Greens dosage next to one Total Living Drink dosage…

Beyond Greens dosage compared to Total Living Drink dosage

Are there any Beyond Greens coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

At the time of writing, there are no active Beyond Greens coupon codes. In my opinion, even if you can find a discount code for this supplement, it is still not worth buying it. The overall potency is still far too low, and there simply is not enough greens in the product. Put simply, it’s really just a waste of money as far as I’m concerned.

Coupon codes are great for saving money on high quality products, but what good is a discount if you’re not even getting a quality supplement?

What does Beyond Greens do?

What does Beyond Greens do for you? It is a combination of several powerful superfoods that are rich in antioxidants and designed to help improve immunity, digestion, and energy. Superfoods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and can produce a lot of benefits as a result. Everyone wants a healthy immune system, but nobody eats enough fruits and veggies to have one!

Well, greens powders (also known as superfood powders) can help solve that problem…just not this one due to its very low superfood content. However, higher quality options can definitely help promote a healthy immune system. Caring for your immune system is more crucial than ever, which is why your decision regarding which superfood supplement to buy is just as crucial!

More superfoods = more benefits, and in this case there simply isn’t enough superfoods. It’s worth spending a few extra bucks to get a higher quality greens supplement that provides an extra several thousand milligrams worth of superfoods per serving. This one is simply too weak to produce benefits. The only thing I like about the product is that it is made in the United States, which is something you always want to ensure is the case when evaluating greens powders.

As a CNC, if one of my clients where to ask me “what does Beyond Greens do?” I would probably answer with one word: nothing. I hate to sound so bleak, but this formula is so embarrassingly weak, that I feel obligated to be frank. I simply don’t believe it is strong enough to produce any health benefits. I’d follow that up by recommending the Total Living Drink, which is excellent for gut health, digestive health, immune health, brain health, energy levels, and so much more.

Check out my below Beyond Greens review on YouTube if you want to learn more about why I don’t recommend this particular greens powder…

Beyond Greens ingredients list

Here are the primary ingredients in the Beyond Greens formula:

  • Rhodiola rosea
  • Matcha powder
  • Reishi mushroom
  • Cordyceps militaris
  • Organic turkey tail mushroom
  • Organic lion’s mane mushroom
  • Chlorella
  • Milk thistle
  • Ceylon cinnamon
  • Lactospore bacillus coagulans
  • Green tea leaves

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is what is most commonly referred to as a nootropic and falls in the family of what nutritionists call “functional mushrooms.” Nootropics are supplements that help enhance brain function. Rhodiola can be helpful with improving energy levels, mental clarity, and cognitive function. It’s a great ingredient, but I have to admit, it’s a bit odd to see it used in a superfood formula. It doesn’t really fit the standard profile.

Matcha Powder

Matcha Powder is most commonly consumed in tea drinks, but it can be even more beneficial when utilized as a concentrated powder. It is extremely rich in powerful antioxidants that improve blood flow, energy, and organ function. I love matcha powder, and I think it’s an absolutely crucial superfood, but the dosage size in this case is only 200 milligrams…infuriating! You need about 5 times that amount to get some really noticeable benefits.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom has been used for ages as a natural way to fight off infections. It’s believed to have powerful immune boosting effects and is included in many superfood powder formulas for that reason. Boosting immune health is critical, which makes this an excellent addition to any green drink formula. However, I feel obligated to point out that the dosage is only 25 milligrams, which is way too small.

Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps Mushroom can produce anti-inflammatory benefits and is said to have potential anti-aging properties. There’s a reason the term “superfood” exists, and Cordyceps definitely has earned that title. However, the formula only contains a measly 25 milligrams, which in my opinion is worthless. You need a way bigger dosage to really reap the benefits of this ingredient.


Chlorella is one of the most powerful superfoods known to man. It is able to bind to heavy metals, which then leads to effective detoxification. As a result, it can help lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar levels, and enhance liver health via detoxification. Chlorella is a must in any greens powder supplement formula. Personally, this is actually my favorite superfood, which means the small dosage in this case really bothers me…this greens formula as a whole really bothers me to be quite honest.

I see Chlorella as perhaps the single most critical superfood, up there next to Spirulina, which is not even included in this greens formula. So yes, it’s at least nice to see that they included Chlorella in the formula, but this dosage is infuriating. It only contains 500 milligrams…come on! I’d prefer to see at least 1,000 milligrams, and realistically, that number should be closer to 2,000.

Milk Thistle

Some studies have shown that Milk Thistle can be helpful with reducing cholesterol, heart burn, and liver health. High cholesterol and heart burn issues are both very common problems, but in order to really see significant reduction in these areas, you need a much more powerful supplement…and a much higher dosage of milk thistle. Milk thistle on its own won’t solve your problems, especially not in this small of a dose.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon is a form of cinnamon that contains a ton of antioxidants, which makes it extremely beneficial with regard to detoxification. In particular, it is very rich in a certain mineral called manganese, which has been shown to help regulate hormones. This is an excellent ingredient, but like the rest of the ones in this formula, it is severely under dosed.

LiveConscious Beyond Greens nutrition facts

Beyond Greens nutrition facts & ingredients list

Above is a photo I took of the Live Conscious Beyond Greens nutrition facts after having ordered the product and testing it out. As you can see, the dosages of most ingredients are very small with the exception of the three primary nutrients. Here’s a breakdown…

Beyond Greens Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving

Rhodiola Rosea

50 milligrams

Matcha Powder

200 milligrams

Reshi Mushroom

25 milligrams


25 milligrams

Turkey Tail Mushroom

25 milligrams

Lions Mane Mushroom

25 milligrams


500 milligrams

Echinacea Purpurea

900 milligrams

Milk Thistle

300 Million CFU


190 milligrams


20 milligrams


190 milligrams

Acacia Gum

314 milligrams

Beyond Greens dosage: How much Beyond Greens should you take & when?

According to LiveConscious, this supplement is best taken once daily with a glass of water. They recommend mixing in one scoop with the drink of your choice once per day. We would recommend mixing it with juice or in a smoothie because if you mix it with plain water, it tastes pretty bad. Additionally, then dosage size is very small. Here is a photo I took of one Beyond Greens dosage to give you an idea of how tiny this serving size is…

Beyond Greens dosage

Beyond Greens pros and cons

Here are the benefits and side effects of Beyond Greens.

Beyond Greens Benefits (claimed)

This supplement does not have a very long list of superfoods compared to the top shelf greens powders, but it still has the potential to produce health benefits to some extent. Based on the ingredient selection and dosage sizes, I don’t believe it can produce significant health benefits by any means. However, some of the “claimed” Beyond Greens benefits are:

  • Elevated energy levels
  • Enhanced digestive system
  • Anti inflammatory effects
  • Detoxifying effects
  • Support gut health
  • Immune system support
  • Support brain function
  • Enhance exercise performance

However, if you really want to experience the above listed health benefits, you really need to consider opting for a more potent superfood powder. These benefits are AMAZING, but you get what you pay for when it comes to nutrition supplements. It’s worth spending an extra few bucks to drastically improve your digestive health, gut health, liver health, immune system function, blood pressure, liver issues and function, and more.

The potential health benefits of a top shelf greens powder supplement are life changing in my personal experience. ever since I started taking the Total Living Drink (my top ranked best greens powder), my digestive health is nearly perfect, my immune system functions incredibly, my energy levels are super high (which enhances my exercise performance as well), and I have exceptional liver health according to my doctor (it helps that I don’t drink alcohol).

Probably the biggest and most significant benefit in my opinion as a Nutrition Coach is the effect superfoods can have on your gut health and microbiome. Most people have poor gut health and a less than optimal microbiome, which is a direct result of a poor diet. What this essentially means is that there is more unhealthy bacteria in your gut than there is healthy bacteria.

“Gut bacteria” sounds like a bad word, but it’s not. Superfoods and probiotics in particular actually contain what’s called healthy gut bacteria, which flushes out the bad bacteria and replaces it with the good kind, thereby effectively improving your gut microbiome. This can lead to absolutely tremendous health benefits…gut health is absolutely CRUCIAL for your overall health.

Beyond Greens Side Effects

It’s very rare for greens powders to cause side effects because all they consist of is vegetables, fruits, vitamins, minerals, and other natural nutrients. All of the ingredients are organic and primarily designed to promote immunity and improve gut health. Due to the connection between your brain and your gut, you could also experience some cognitive benefits as a result of the effect superfoods can have on your gut health.

Usually the only side effect of supplements like this one is mild stomach discomfort with the first couple of dosages. However, possible Beyond Greens side effects may include headaches and anxiety. This is due to it containing a pretty strong nootropic component, which is known to create such side effects.

The last thing to be aware of here is the fact the the product contains several different kinds of functional mushrooms. Many people have mushroom allergies. If you have any sort of mushroom allergy, you should avoid taking this product and consult your doctor immediately.

Beyond Greens complaints & praise (info from real customer LiveConscious Beyond Greens reviews)

There’s over 1,000 LiveConscious Beyond Greens reviews on Amazon. We like to look at Amazon reviews because they only allow verified buyers of the product to submit reviews, so we can trust the data.

Across 800+ customer reviews, it received an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, which is pretty good. 68% of Beyond Greens reviews contain 5-star ratings, which is an encouraging sign. The most common benefit reported was that it helped increase energy levels, which is likely a result of the green tea leaves since they naturally contain caffeine. The most common complaint was the Beyond Greens taste, which is something I can personally vouched for. I have used Beyond Greens myself, and the taste was awful. The greens mixed in very poorly as well, which created a rather gross texture.

It appears that the overall sentiment is positive, but that doesn’t change the fact that this formula severely lacks potency. Our #1 greens powder supplement recommendation is literally 500% more potent…think about that for a second. The other top ranked greens powders are significantly more potent as well. Check out the below video to see my comparison of what the dosages of the best greens powders look like next to each other…

Beyond Greens bag and drink

Is Beyond Greens good or bad? Our conclusion

In conclusion, Beyond Greens is definitely not worth it in our opinion. It contains a lot of great ingredients, but all of them are under dosed, and we see no reason to recommend a supplement this weak when we know there are greens powders out there that provide 4-5 times more nutrients per serving.

We recommend avoiding Beyond Greens and choosing one of the top ranked greens powders instead. As a Certified Nutrition Coach, formulas like these truly enrage me. Essentially what they have done is combined a bunch of high quality ingredients that people recognize, which creates hype. However, they know that people won’t be able to tell the dosages are too small, so they provide very tiny dosages for each nutrient.

I do not like to use the word scam because if a supplement works for somebody, at the end of the day, I’m happy. I just want to help people find supplements that help them feel better. With that being said, I could never in a million years recommend this supplement knowing how many better greens powders are out there and be able to sleep at night. I’m a Nutrition Coach, and I take my job seriously. Put simply, I would strongly recommend avoiding this product. 

Additionally, it is also worth noting again that no greens powder is going to produce the desired results unless combined with a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, and regular exercise.

Beyond Greens LiveConscious FAQs

Does Beyond Greens have probiotics in it?

Yes, it does contain probiotics. However, the serving size is pretty small at only 300 million CFU. This may sound like a lot, but compared to its competitors, this dosage is actually pretty weak. The probiotics dosage for greens powders is typically about 2-3 times larger. Therefore, this probiotics dosage is pretty near worthless in my opinion.

What does Beyond Greens taste like?

Since they added a bunch of salt, stevia, and other natural flavors, it actually tastes pretty decent. The problem is that salt and stevia are both bad for you, and the inclusion of these ingredients is not worth the effect they have on taste. Essentially, you are compromising your health in the name of taste. So you have to ask yourself, what is more important to you…good taste or improving your health?

By the way, you don’t always have to choose. There are plenty of products that are both super high quality AND also taste very good due to the addition of natural flavors. The problem with this supplement in particular is that the ingredients it uses to enhance the flavor are not natural. Higher quality supplements use things like natural blueberry flavoring to make the product taste good.

How many carbs are in Beyond Greens?

One serving contains 5 grams of total carbs. This is a pretty low amount of carbs, which is a natural result of the formula lacking potency in general. There can’t be a lot of carbs if there’s not many nutrients to begin with. Again, I simply can not emphasize enough how weak this formula is. I just really don’t have anything good to say about this product.

Does Beyond Greens need to be refrigerated?

No, this product does not need to be refrigerated. The instructions on the label simply say to store it in a cool dry place. This is the case with pretty much every greens powder supplement. I personally just store my greens powders in my kitchen cabinet. I consume the Total Living Drink (my top ranked green drink) for breakfast every morning.

Is Beyond Greens better than Athletic Greens?

As a Nutrition Coach, Athletic Greens is undoubtedly the green drink I get asked about the most often. The reason for this is because they spend an incredible amount of money on advertising, so everyone has heard of them. I will say this…Athletic Greens is far better than Beyond Greens, but the best answer is that I do NOT recommend either one.

Neither one lives up to my standards, and neither one comes anywhere near close to being as potent as the green powder that I recommend to my clients and personally take myself. I simply can’t justify recommending either of these supplements. With that said, if you want to see direct comparison between the two, check out this article I wrote: Beyond Greens Vs Athletic Greens.

Where to buy Beyond Greens at the best price

First of all, how much does Beyond Greens cost? Let’s take a look at where to buy Beyond Greens & get the cheapest deal on prices:



Check Current Pricing



Live Conscious



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I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).