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Joe Costello certified nutrition coach

Hi, I’m Joe Costello…

I am a Certified Nutrition Coach and Nutrition & Wellness Consultant who has been working in the sports nutrition industry for over 10 years. I received my certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and am also certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association.

I have written books about nutrition and created multiple fitness programs, which can be found across this site. I am also responsible for developing’s SFP (Supplement Facts Panel) analysis formula and have personally written over a hundred reviews on the site using a combination of this formula and my personal experiences taking the supplements myself.

In addition to my extensive knowledge in sports nutrition and dietary supplement development, I have personal experience as a football player at a high level and graduated from the University of Iowa. The reason I am bringing up my experience as a football player is to further prove the point that my expertise and background make me a highly credible and reliable source for supplement reviews & nutrition in general. My coaches taught me a LOT about proper supplementation and nutrition, and what they taught me has helped tremendously enhance my understanding of supplements.

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