Extenze Review by a Certified Nutrition Coach: Do These Pills Work?

by Joe Costello, CNC | Male Enhancement

Extenze Male Enhancement Review

Extenze is a very well known male enhancement supplement that has been around for a long time…I’d be willing to bet you’ve already heard of Extenze, and probably have even seen it at your local convenient store, right?

If you’re one of the many men who sees this supplement everywhere, but doesn’t know what to think of it, you’ve come to the right place brother!

Read this Extenze review to learn more, OR, save yourself some time by skipping ahead to my list of the top 10 best Natural Male Enhancement Supplements.

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My Personal Extenze Review And Results

As a Certified Nutrition Coach, I have had countless people ask me: does Extenze really work? Extenze is everywhere…gas stations, convenience stores, Walmart, GNC, etc. so naturally, a lot of my male clients want to know if this male enhancement supplement actually works. Based on my analysis of the supplement facts panel and the ingredients, I can pretty confidently say it doesn’t. However, I went the extra mile and tried it myself just to be sure. Here’s what happened…

I bought a pack of Extenze at my local Walgreens for like 20 bucks, and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to just take one before sex or supplement with the product on a daily basis…so I did both. I tried taking Extenze before sex like you would with an actual pharmaceutical drug like Viagra, and that didn’t do anything at all. It did not boost my sex drive, didn’t help with my blood flow, and certainly did not give me a better or bigger erection. I figured maybe you’re supposed to take it for a few days for it to finally kick in, so that’s what I did…

After finishing the entire pack of Extenze over the course of about seven days, I again tried with my wife to see if this stuff was going to actually produce any benefits for me in the bedroom. Just as I suspected, nothing happened…again. Now, I’m not saying this stuff won’t work for anyone, and I’m sorry if this review is disappointing. All I’m saying is in my personal experience with Extenze, I got no results or benefits whatsoever.

Yes, I wasted my money on a male enhancement supplement that I pretty much already knew did not work based on the formula…but it was worth it because now I can give my clients a good answer when they ask me “Joe, does Extenze work?” I can now feel confident in answering that question with a pretty hard no.

I have found that most male enhancement pills are not very effective, but there is one called Male Extra that worked like a charm for me. If you’re looking for a natural supplement because you don’t like the prescription pills for whatever reason, I would recommend checking out Male Extra…that stuff was a game changer for me. As always, consult with you doctor first. All I’m saying is it worked super well for me so I always keep a bottle of it in my nightstand just in case my wife is in the mood for a better performance (in my experience I was able to last longer and felt like I had a harder erection).

Bottom Line: I do not recommend Extenze based on my analysis of the formula and my negative personal experience testing the supplement.

If you want to learn about the male enhancement supplement I personally still take to this day, you can check out my review on it here: Male Extra Review

5 Key *Claimed* Benefits of Extenze

  • Improves the quality of your erections
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Boosts confidence and energy levels
  • Enhances performance
  • Increases stamina and endurance

How Does Extenze Work?

Extenze is a nutritional supplement that contains an herbal blend of all natural ingredients that have the ability to improve blood circulation in your body, thereby allowing more blood to flow to your extremities when necessary. Male enhancement pills are actually able to expand the tissues in the penis that allows for more blood to enter, leading to firmer and larger erections.

Not everyone can obtain a prescription for Viagra, and men who do take it report side effects often. This is why natural erectile dysfunction remedies have become increasingly popular as of late. Natural remedies (such as a 100% herbal supplement like Extenze) don’t produce side effects and can potentially produce similar results to ED medications if you choose the right one.

The key to getting prescription caliber results from a natural remedy is making sure you choose one with high quality ingredients, sufficient dosages, and clinical proof. The problem is that this is a lot of very time consuming research, which is why we decided to help save you from having to put all of the work in by creating our aforementioned list of the top products on the market.

A Deep Dive Into Male Enhancement Supplements

Natural male enhancement supplements are marketed to improve sexual performance and address symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED). While some ingredients in these supplements may have potential benefits, it’s essential to approach these products with caution, as their effectiveness can vary, and some may pose risks. Here are ways in which natural male enhancement supplements are claimed to improve sexual performance and address erectile dysfunction symptoms:

Increased Blood Flow

  • Mechanism: Ingredients like L-arginine, an amino acid, are believed to increase nitric oxide production, leading to vasodilation (widening of vessels) and improved blood circulation to the genital area.
  • Effect: Enhanced blood flow may contribute to firmer and longer-lasting erections.

Hormonal Balance

  • Mechanism: Some supplements contain herbal extracts like Tribulus Terrestris, believed to influence testosterone levels and hormonal balance. Tribulus Terrestris is often used in testosterone booster supplements for this reason.
  • Effect: Improved hormonal balance may positively impact libido and erectile function.

Libido Enhancement

  • Mechanism: Ingredients like Maca root, Tongkat Ali, and Ginseng are thought to have libido-enhancing properties.
  • Effect: Increased sexual desire and arousal.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

  • Mechanism: Adaptogens like Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea may help the body adapt to stress and reduce anxiety. Folic acid supplementation has also been associated with these health benefits.
  • Effect: Stress reduction may have a positive impact on sexual performance and erectile function. This is why I like natural supplements so much…you just don’t get these additional health benefits from prescription medications. That is NOT to say that these supplements can replace prescription medications or treat ED. If you are attempting to treat ED, you need to consult a doctor before trying Extenze or any other supplement.

Antioxidant Effects

  • Mechanism: Some ingredients, like antioxidants from certain plant extracts, are believed to reduce oxidative stress, potentially benefiting blood vessel health.
  • Effect: Improved blood vessel health may contribute to better erections and overall sexual function. With that being said, natural supplements are not meant to treat ED.

Enhanced Stamina and Endurance

  • Mechanism: Ingredients like Horny Goat Weed and Maca are thought to improve stamina and endurance.
  • Effect: Increased staying power during sexual activity.

Extenze Ingredients


Zinc can be found as a part of the vast majority of testosterone booster formulas out there because of how proven an ingredient it is. There have been so many clinical trials done on its ability to boost testosterone levels that nearly every manufacturer of testosterone boosters has chosen to make it a part of the formula. You gotta love scientific evidence!

Testosterone is the key hormone behind optimizing your sex drive and performance in the bedroom. It is the fuel behind your desire for sexual activity just as much as it is the fuel that energizes you through the actual act itself and allows you to give a killer performance.

Korean Ginseng Extract

Ginseng has been shown across clinical trials for its ability to boost your libido and enhance sexual performance. Generally, libido tends to decrease as you age, and many believe that this effect cannot be reversed, however that is not quite the case.

While it is true that you cannot stop your sex drive from decreasing as you get older, it is a misconception that there is nothing you can do about it. A good male enhancement pill or testosterone booster can optimize your libido by maximizing your body’s production of beneficial hormones in a natural manner and increasing your body’s ability to absorb revitalizing nutrients.

L-Arginine Hydrochloride

L-Arginine is converted into nitric oxide upon ingestion, which means that your blood vessels become more dilated thereby allowing blood to flow more easily and nutrients to be delivered more efficiently. When your blood circulation is improved in such a way, your body becomes better equipped to send that blood to areas where it is needed.

In order to achieve an ideal erection, you must be able optimize blood flow so that it can properly reach your penis when the time to perform comes. You will notice that your erections will be significantly firmer and will feel and appear larger because of how much more effectively your blood is able to travel.

Horny Goat Weed

Aptly-named Horny Goat Weed is one of the most popular natural erectile dysfunction remedies of all time. It has been shown across clinical studies to improve erectile function and naturally increase your sex drive. The systematic review of the clinical evidence on the NCBI website is very encouraging.

It works by unblocking the arteries in the penis thereby allowing all three cylinders to become filled with blood, which in turn creates an erection. It is indeed one of the most unique and impressive ingredients out there and should be noted by anyone in search of natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.


Pregnenolone is an important ingredient because it stimulates the natural production of testosterone within your body. It does not directly increase testosterone levels, but it serves as a precursor to testosterone meaning that consumption of this ingredient can actually make your body produce its own testosterone.

Damiana Leaf

Damiana Leaf has been shown to actually increase the strength of your orgasms and make the experience overall more pleasurable for you. It does this through increasing your level of sensitivity, which can amplify the effects you feel during sexual experience. However, this ingredient may not be ideal for some people because increased sensitivity could make you climax to quickly. If you are someone who struggles with endurance, you may want to avoid Damiana.

Extenze Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Extenze Reviews From REAL Users

Our primary strategy when it comes to supplement reviews is to analyze the supplement facts, and mainly base our conclusion off of what we see on the label…however, we also like to include some input from people who have actually tested the product, and that’s what this section is for…

We like to use Amazon to gather data from verified customer reviews, and luckily, we were able to find a total of 104 Extenze reviews on Amazon. Across 104 reviews, Extenze received an average rating of 2.4 stars out of 5, which is not very good.

In fact, 46% of customers rated it only 1 star, which is very discouraging…with that being said, it’s not all bad. 24% of customers rated it 5 stars and went on to say that they had positive experiences with the product.

So, it seems the customer reviews submitted by users are rather mixed, but overall, the results of the supplement seem to be nothing to write home about.

To gather some more data, we went to the GNC website, where we were able to find 11 more reviews. We found that out of the 11 Extenze reviews posted on their website, the product was able to generate an average rating of 3.4 stars, which is much better than the average rating it received from Amazon customers.

The Pros

  • Contains high quality, proven ingredients
  • Gives you a solid confidence boost
  • Allows more blood to flow to your penis
  • Boosts your sex drive and performance
  • Increases your desire for sex

The Cons

  • Could potentially increase sensitivity
  • The overall potency of the formula could be higher
  • I had a very negative personal experience with it and got no benefits in terms of sexual function

NOTE: Keep in mind, Extenze’s ingredients are NOT supposed to be used for treating ED and Extenze is NOT a substitute for prescription drugs with regard to treatment of ED symptoms. ED symptoms need to be taken very seriously, and you need to consult your primary care physician if you are experiencing them. Remember, I am NOT a doctor. You should consult your doctor before you purchase Extenze (if you decide you want to).

Here is more information on ED symptoms for anyone who thinks they may have it…

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

ED (erectile dysfunction), also known as impotence, is characterized by the consistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual activity. The symptoms of ED can vary in severity and may include the following:

  1. Difficulty Achieving an Erection:
    • Inability to achieve an erection, even when sexually aroused.
  2. Difficulty Maintaining an Erection:
    • Inability to sustain an erection long enough for satisfactory sexual performance.
  3. Reduced Erectile Rigidity:
    • The erection may not be as firm or rigid as desired for sexual activity.
  4. Reduced Sexual Desire:
    • Decreased libido or interest in sexual activity.
  5. Emotional Distress:
    • Feelings of frustration, embarrassment, or low self-esteem related to the inability to perform sexually.
  6. Relationship Strain:
    • Difficulties or strain in intimate relationships due to sexual issues.
  7. Delayed or Premature Ejaculation:
    • ED may be associated with difficulties in ejaculation, such as delayed or premature ejaculation.
  8. Morning Erection Changes:
    • Changes in the frequency or quality of morning erections, which are considered a normal physiological response in men.

It’s important to note that occasional difficulties with erections are common and may not necessarily indicate ED. However, if the symptoms persist or become a chronic issue, it’s advisable to seek medical attention. ED can be a sign of an underlying health condition that requires evaluation and treatment.

Extenze Conclusion

Extenze is an extremely controversial product because it is available literally everywhere and no one is really sure if it works or not. All I can say is this: as a Certified Nutrition Coach, I take one look at this formula, and I know it’s probably just another waste of money male enhancement pill. I can also say that I personally tried it and got no results whatsoever. Therefore, I do NOT recommend Extenze. If you’d like to read my review of the best male enhancement product I have personally ever used, you can check that out here: Male Extra Review


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I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).

Hi, I’m Joe Costello CNC

I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).