Blue Chew Review: Are These Pills Legit? My Results!

by Joe Costello, CNC | Male Enhancement

Blue Chew male enhancement pillsBlue Chew is a male enhancement supplement that is growing extremely popular as of late. It is important to note that Blue Chew is not a natural male enhancement supplement and contains ingredients that require a prescription. You can read this Blue Chew review to learn exactly how it works.

However, due to the side effects and other issues that prescription drugs can cause, we tend to strictly recommend natural male enhancement supplements. To learn about the best male enhancement supplements on the market, click here: Natural Male Enhancement.

Blue Chew Benefits

If you decide you want to go the prescription drugs route, here are some of the benefits Blue Chewhas to offer as opposed to other options…

  • Fast acting
  • Prescription strength
  • Available online
  • Easy to use

How Does Blue Chew Work

I order to use Blue Chew, you must first obtain a prescription via their website. Then you choose the dosage you would like to receive and how much of it you want to buy, and then they ship it to your home.

The reason it is called Blue Chew is because of the fact that it is little blue tablets that are chewable. However, what most people don’t understand is that you are essentially chewing on prescription drugs. There seems to be a misconception that blue chew is natural and safe. This is not the case.

The male enhancement supplements that we tend to recommend typically contain a combination of herbal natural ingredients that are widely considered to be safe. These ingredients then work synergistically to help improve your sexual health, boost your libido, and enhance your overall sexual experience.

Blue Chew is certainly capable of producing those same benefits. However, the point I’m trying to make here is that it does not produce those benefits in a natural way such as our top recommended male enhancement supplements do.

For this reason, we do not recommend Blue Chew and would encourage you to at least look into natural male enhancement supplements before choosing prescription drugs.

We are not saying it doesn’t work. We just don’t feel comfortable recommending something that requires a prescription and contains prescription ingredients. We always encourage our readers to go the natural route as we believe that natural supplements are generally the safest and most effective.

Blue Chew Ingredients

There is not a whole lot to talk about in this section since Blue Chew does not use a comprehensive formula with many different ingredients like most of the male enhancement supplements we review do. Instead, if you sign up for Blue Chew, what you will get is either Sildenafil or Tadalafil.

These two drugs are the active ingredients in prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra or Cialis. Yes, they work, but there is essentially no difference between the aforementioned prescription drugs and Blue Chew. The only difference is that Blue Chew is tablets that you chew instead of pills that you swallow.

So, if you want to use prescription drugs, Blue Chew is a fine option. However, if you are interested in sticking with natural supplements, it is important to understand that the ingredients in Blue Chew are not natural.

Blue Chew Reviews From Customers

Since blue chew requires a prescription, there are no reviews available on Amazon or GNC for us to evaluate. The only blue chew reviews available are the ones that are posted on the Blue Chew website itself. There is no way for us to know whether these reviews were submitted by verified customers or not.

We like to analyze the data from Amazon and GNC reviews because these reviews were submitted by verified buyers. Therefore, we can trust the information the reviews contain.

When the only reviews available are the ones posted directly on the company’s website, there is no way for us to know whether or not these reviews were submitted by real customers. The company can put whatever they want on their own website. This is why we always look for third-party reviews.

My Blue Chew Results And Personal Experience

I went ahead and ordered some Blue Chew so that I could factor some personal experience into this review. I always find that my readers enjoy hearing my personal feedback, so here it is…this stuff actually works pretty well, which does not surprise me. You have to get approved for a prescription to get it, which is an annoying process and not one that occurs when buying a natural male enhancement supplement.

With that said, once you go through the long process of being approved, you are essentially getting a generic alternative to viagra, so yes it works pretty well. The one Blue Chew side effect I had was some heart palpitations, which is likely a result of the effect Blue Chew has on blood flow. In general, male enhancement supplements should not be taken without consulting your doctor due to the way they can effect blood flow optimization.

Blue Chew Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Kicks in pretty fast
  • Contains proven ingredients

Blue Chew Cons

  • Requires a prescription
  • Ingredients are not natural
  • Could cause side effects
  • Very expensive

Blue Chew Conclusion

If you are looking for a prescription drug to remedy erectile dysfunction, then Blue Chew could be an effective and easy option. You should consult your doctor before trying Blue Chew. If you want to learn about natural male enhancement supplements that contain strictly natural ingredients and do not require a prescription, check out our Male Enhancement reviews.

Certified Nutrition Coach at JNC Enterprises Inc.

I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).

Hi, I’m Joe Costello CNC

I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).