Bloom Greens Review: Superfood Superstar or Tik Tok Hype?

by Joe Costello, CNC | Green Drinks & Superfood Drinks

Bloom Greens drinkBloom Greens is a whole superfood supplement created by Bloom Nutrition that contains many different greens and superfoods. Greens powders are very popular as of late, and for good reason. Superfood supplements can produce tremendous benefits, but in this Bloom Greens review, we will explain why we do NOT recommend it.

At first glance, the Bloom greens and superfoods supplement looks to be a good one. We see a wide array of powerful superfoods, a great selection of ingredients, and a relatively inexpensive product. So where did they go wrong?

We will discuss this in depth next, but the primary reason we do not recommend Bloom Nutrition Greens is because it only contains a total of 5,000 milligrams of superfoods per serving. Our top ranked option provides literally 3 times that amount…so, this product is just too weak.

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Bloom Greens review by a Certified Nutrition Coach: Is Bloom Greens any good?

One thing I do love about the Bloom Greens fruit and vegetable blend is the very wide array of superfoods they chose to include. Some of the Bloom greens and superfoods in the formula include Spirulina, Chlorella, and Barley Grass, which are all amazing…however, the ingredients are severely under dosed.

So the answer ultimately is no, we do not believe Bloom Nutrition Greens is any good due to the fact that the overall potency is very low compared to the top shelf greens powders on the market. You only get 5,000 milligrams of superfoods in every serving, which is one third of the amount you get with our top recommended option…yikes!

Our #1 ranked green drink is the TOTAL LIVING DRINK, which is quite literally three times as potent as Bloom Greens in terms of superfoods per serving. It provides 15,000 milligrams worth of superfoods, plus it has 11 grams of vegan protein powder, and tons of probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Speaking as a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC), the Total Living Drink blows every other superfood powder I have evaluated out of the water. It’s just a true nutritional powerhouse and checks all of the boxes, which is why I take it myself every morning. Whenever I have a client who asks me about superfood supplements, I always recommend the Total Living Drink because I actually take it myself, and it has made a world of difference for me.

If you want to learn more about how Bloom Greens compares to the Total Living drink, I would encourage you to watch my video review below. In video version of my Bloom Greens review, you can see what a dosage of the product looks like compared to a dosage of the Total Living Drink…it’s pretty amazing.

My Personal Bloom Greens Review and Experience

As a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, I don’t feel comfortable recommending any product to my clients without trying it myself first. I’ve been getting a lot of clients ask me about Bloom Greens, so I figured I’d test it out to get a better idea of whether or not it really works. Of course, I have already seen the nutrition facts, so I know that this stuff is probably not going to produce many benefits for me at all…but I tried it anyways. Here’s what happened…

I took a full 30 day supply of Bloom Greens just to make sure I got the complete experience, and I was extremely disappointed to say the least. Sometimes with low potency green powders like this one, you can still get benefits like improved digestion or higher energy levels, but that was not the case in this instance. It quite literally did nothing for me. Also, they use Stevia leaf extract to improve the taste, and I can tell you first hand that it does not make any difference…the taste is very bad.

I thought maybe after a couple of weeks, the product would start to produce some benefits, but it just never happened. Bloom Greens was a complete waste of money for me personally. That doesn’t mean it can’t work for anyone…it just means it didn’t work for me. That could also be due to the fact that my body is used to taking much higher quality greens, so maybe this one was just too weak for me to notice any benefits or results.

The bottom line takeaway for me after conducting my own experiment with this supplement is that I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone. After analyzing the nutrition facts, I already would be skeptical of it. However, now that I have tested it myself and gotten no results whatsoever, I feel even more confident in not recommending Bloom Greens to any of my clients or readers. Be careful guys…there are a lot of bad supplements on the market.

Check out my Bloom Greens review on YouTube below to learn more about my analysis of the nutrition facts and SFP…

What does Bloom Nutrition Greens do?

What does Bloom Nutrition Greens do for you? Well, greens and superfoods generally can produce amazing benefits because the ingredients naturally contain so many different antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and more. However, the dosages need to be sufficient.

We don’t see the dosages here as being sufficient since the overall potency is so low. With that said, Bloom Nutrition Greens could still do some good for you. It can potentially help boost energy levels, improve digestion, and boost immunity. We just wishes the dosage sizes were higher as is the case with the higher quality superfoods powders.

Bloom Greens ingredient list

Here are the primary Bloom Greens ingredients:

Bloom greens nutrition facts label

Fiber Blend

The first and most potent blend listed on the formula is the Bloom Nutrition Greens Fiber Blend, which consists of Inulin, Flax Seed, and Apple Fruit Powder. The Fiber Blend provides a total of 1,724 milligrams worth of nutrients, which is pretty solid.

These three ingredients are great, and the size of this fiber blend is pretty solid. However, it’s still considerably less potent than many of its competitors fiber blends. While the fiber blend is promising start, it’s pretty much all downhill from here…

Green Superfood Blend

The green superfood blend is your most important consideration as somebody who is searching for a superfood supplement. Other blends and components are certainly important, but the number one consideration should be the amount and quality of superfoods you are getting.

Their green superfood blend only contains 1,367 milligrams worth of nutrients per serving, which is super weak and disappointing, especially because the ingredients are very high quality. There is no point in supplementing with high quality ingredients if they are under dosed because they simply won’t work.

However, this fruit and vegetable blend contains high quality ingredients such as organic barley grass, spirulina, wheat grass, chlorella, and organic alfalfa leaf powder. These are all really important and powerful superfoods, which is why it’s a pity to see them so under dosed. The top shelf greens powders on the market use way higher dosages of these ingredients.

Probiotic Blend

Superfood supplements should always provide probiotics as they are very helpful with regard to digestion, gut health, and overall gastrointestinal function. The Bloom Greens Probiotic Blend only provides 648 milligrams per serving, which is pretty weak…so yet again, another disappointing blend here.

High quality greens powder supplements tend to have a much stronger pre and probiotic blend because they help ensure you have good gut health. Optimal gut health is incredibly important because without it, the nutrients you are consuming can not survive. Additionally, your gut health (also known as your gut microbiome) effects many other aspects of your health including cognitive function. That is why in articles about gut health, you will often see references to the “gut brain connection.” Studies have shown that optimal gut health can help lead to improved brain health.

Fruits and Vegetables Blend

This is another crucial blend that should be dosed very highly and account for the vast majority of the essential nutrients per serving, but that is not the case. Bloom Nutrition really disappoints here with only 572 milligrams per serving. That’s a super tiny number for a fruit and vegetable blend comparably speaking. Again, this is another blend that just pales in comparison to that of the top greens powders on the market.

The fruit and vegetable blend contains 7 total ingredients including grape seed extract, broccoli head powder, apple fruit powder, carrot, broccoli, blueberry, kale leaf powder, astragalus root powder, and beet root powder.

Antioxidant Beauty Blend

I’m not sure why they didn’t just combine this with the above blend since it just consists of more fruits and vegetables…probably just marketing purposes seeing as how they called it the “antioxidant beauty blend.” With that said, it only provides 550 total milligrams per serving, so again another very weak antioxidant blend. Elite superfoods powders provide a much stronger dosage of antioxidants and other essential nutrients.

In terms of what the antioxidant beauty blend contains, it’s just simple fruits and veggies such as strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, elder fruit, cabbage, and green tea leaf. I’m really not sure why they added the word “Beauty.” It’s really just your average antioxidant blend.

Digestive Enzyme Blend

Digestive enzymes are essential nutrients when it comes to superfood supplements because they help ensure the nutrients are properly digested and absorbed in order to avoid them going to waste. Bloom Nutrition does an average job here with 150 milligrams of digestive enzymes per serving. Not bad, but pretty weak compared to the top shelf products.

Again, digestive enzymes are very important…without enough digestive enzymes in the formula, your stomach will have a hard time absorbing the greens. There is a good chance that the other nutrients you are consuming will go to waste if you do not have optimal digestive health. Greens powder supplements are generally great at improving digestive health. The Bloom Greens superfoods formula however is not strong enough to truly improve digestive health in my opinion. I’d like to have seen a much higher dosage of these essential nutrients.

Bloom nutrition greens and superfoods ingredients

Bloom Greens dosage: How much Bloom Greens should you take & when?

According to the Bloom Greens instructions on the supplement facts label, you are supposed to take one serving (one scoop of greens powder) per day with water. Each serving contains a total of 6.87 grams worth of nutrients. Not all of the nutrients are superfoods, but that’s the overall potency of every serving, which again is very low…but that’s beside the point.

Aside from dosage, Bloom Nutrition doesn’t give much direction in terms of when to take it. However, we always recommend taking greens supplements in the morning to help provide health benefits and boost energy throughout the day. Also, high quality green powders can actually function as an excellent meal replacement supplement, which makes them great for breakfast.

Personally, I mix my greens powder in with a smoothie or some orange juice every morning in order to help mask the taste. Also, the one I take (Total Living Drink Greens) contains 11 grams of protein and is very high fiber, which means it does an excellent job at making me feel full after I consume a serving. Therefore, my greens powder can effectively replace my breakfast…Bloom Greens on the other hand does not have any protein, nor does it have a particularly high fiber content, which means it is not a very good meal replacement supplement.

Also just a quick note, there are multiple flavor options for this product. I typically don’t pay much attention to flavors since I mix my green powder in with juice as I said before, but I have tried this product and the best bloom flavor in my opinion is the Bloom Nutrition coconut greens flavor.

The biggest con of the Bloom Greens superfoods supplement is the simple fact that the superfood dosage is too small at only 5,000 milligrams per serving, which is about half of the industry average. The photo below should really put into perspective for you exactly how weak this dosage is comparatively speaking. I truly don’t mean to bash Bloom Nutrition. I’m just trying to be as thorough as possible in my review.

In my opinion, Bloom Greens simply can not compete with the top tier superfoods powders in the industry, no matter how much money they spend on marketing and instagram influencers (you can learn more about that if you watch my video review at the top of this page). Here is a photo I took of the Bloom Greens dosage by itself just to further put into perspective how small it really is. There simply is not much greens powder there at all…

Bloom Greens dosage

What is the best way to drink Bloom Greens?

The best way to drink the Bloom Greens superfoods supplement, or any green drink supplement for that matter, is to mix the powder in with your favorite juice in order to help mask the taste of the greens. As I mentioned before, I usually mix it in with orange juice, which does a pretty good job at masking the taste of the superfoods.

With that said, the best way is to make a smoothie because that way, you can more effectively use your green powder as a meal replacement supplement. My favorite way to do this is take some orange juice, a banana, and some organic blueberries, and mix that in with a scoop of greens. It tastes great, and leaves you feeling pretty full IF you’re using a high protein high fiber superfood supplement like the one I use.

Bloom Greens pros and cons

Here are the benefits and side effects of Bloom Greens.

Bloom Greens Benefits

As we discussed before, the superfoods that a greens powder supplement contains can produce an amazingly long list of life changing benefits, but the Bloom greens superfoods blend in particular is not potent enough to produce such benefits in our opinion. Regardless, you still could potentially experience benefits such as…

  • Improved digestion
  • Boosted Immunity
  • Elevated Energy Levels

Bloom Greens Side Effects

In my opinion, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would experience any Bloom Greens side effects because the formula is very basic. It just consists of a bunch of fruits, vegetables, greens and superfoods. These foods simply don’t tend to cause side effects.

There’s not much else in the Bloom Greens superfoods powder other than natural organic greens and fruits, so the possibility of side effects is pretty low. However, if your diet is really bad currently, you may experience some stomach discomfort at first as your body gets used to the nutrients. This is common with most superfoods powders.

Other Bloom Greens Cons

This may actually be the most important section of this entire review. We’ve touched on this several times already, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to properly dose superfoods and make sure that the supplement you choose has a high amount of superfoods per serving.

The Bloom Greens superfoods powder simply does not have a high enough amount of superfoods per serving. Our top recommended greens powder is 300% more potent. Even our second ranked greens superfoods powder is almost 200% more potent. So that should put into perspective exactly how weak this product is compared to the high end superfoods powders. To further prove my point, here is a photo I took of one Bloom Greens dosage next to one Total Living Drink dosage so that you could get a better idea of how big the difference actually is…

Bloom Greens dosage next to a Total Living Drink dosage

Bloom Greens complaints & praise (info from verified customer Bloom Greens reviews)

The Supplement Facts Panel (SFP) tells us everything we need to know. We already know that this is a supplement we would never recommend because of the issues discussed above, particularly with regard to potency. However, we still like to look at customer reviews to see what people are saying.

We found over 2,850 Bloom Greens reviews on Amazon, and the product received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. That’s a pretty impressive statistic, and it appears the product outperforms many others in terms of customer ratings and reviews.

Only about 10% of the Bloom Greens reviews on amazon are negative reviews, which isn’t too bad. The reviews and ratings are encouraging, but it’s important to focus on the facts. The fact that the supplement severely lacks potency still remains true.

As a Nutrition Coach, I tend to rely a lot more heavily on the facts than I do on testimonials or customer experiences, and the facts here very clearly tell me that this is a supplement to avoid. I am admittedly surprised by the generally positive tone of the Bloom Nutrition Greens reviews, but I attribute this to the simple fact that these people don’t have anything to compare it to…if they tried a higher quality option, I’m confident they’d like it much more.

My Personal Experience Using Bloom Greens

As a Nutrition Coach and supplement reviewer, I take my job very seriously. Therefore, I don’t just write reviews purely based on the supplement facts panel. The supplement facts panel of any greens superfoods powder is extremely useful and can tell us a lot, but personal experience is a whole different ball game. I gave an in depth description of my results at the beginning of this review, but in case you missed it, here’s the bottom line…

As I said before, I took the Bloom Greens superfoods powder for just under a month…I initially was going to take a full one month supply, but honestly the product just was not producing any noticeable health benefits for me, so I stopped using it early. Of course every person reacts differently, but for me, the supplement just did not help at all with my digestion, energy, or bloating like they claim it will on their website. I was overall very disappointed and will not be trying it again, nor would I recommend it to any of my clients.

Is Bloom Greens good or bad? Our conclusion

In my view, Bloom Greens is an extremely average and unimpressive supplement. It’s definitely not good enough for me to feel comfortable recommending it to my clients or readers, primarily based on the super low potency when it comes to greens and superfoods as well as my negative personal experience using the product. It just doesn’t even come close to the top shelf superfoods powders…not worth it at all.

I do not recommend the Bloom Greens superfoods powder, but you can discover plenty of other products that I do recommend on our top 10 greens powders page.

You can also see the greens powder I personally use here: Total Living Drink Review

Where to buy Bloom Greens at the best price

First of all, how much does Bloom Greens cost? Let’s take a look at where to buy Bloom Nutrition Greens & get the cheapest deal on prices:



Check Current Pricing



Bloom Nutrition Website



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I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).