Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review: Is This Greens Powder Worth It?

by Joe Costello, CNC | Green Drinks & Superfood Drinks

Amazing Grass reviewAmazing Grass Green Superfood is one of the most popular greens powders on the market this year, but does it deserve to be?

In this Amazing Grass Green Superfood review, I’m going to explain why I do NOT recommend this product as a Certified Nutrition Coach. It’s an average greens powder, but it only provides less than half the amount of superfoods per serving as our top ranked greens powder. It also has less probiotics and less digestive enzymes, so there’s no reason why we would recommend this supplement over the truly top notch greens powders.

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Amazing Grass Green Superfood review: Is Amazing Grass any good?

Amazing Grass Green Superfood is an average green drink at best. It only provides 7,000 milligrams worth of superfoods per serving, which may sound like a lot, but our top ranked greens powders both provide over 10,000. Our #1 ranked best greens powder, the Total Living Drink, provides 15,000 milligrams of superfoods per serving, making it over twice as potent as Amazing Grass Green Superfood. 

The Amazing Grass greens blend lacking potency is not the only problem with the supplement either. Many greens powders provide a considerable amount of probiotics and digestive enzymes in order to improve your gastrointestinal function and digestive health. Probiotics are important because they help improve your gut health, and digestive enzymes are important because they ensure proper nutrient absorption while also optimizing your digestive health.

Amazing Grass contains a probiotic blend and a digestive enzyme blend, but the blends lack potency just like the Amazing Grass greens blend does. The problem I repeatedly see when analyzing the nutrition facts is that the greens, superfoods, fruits and vegetables are all high quality ingredients, but the dosages are consistently low across the board compared to the top shelf greens powder supplements. All that to say, I could simply never in good conscience recommend this greens powder to my clients as a Nutrition Coach.

My Personal Experience and Results Taking Amazing Grass Green Superfood

I know what you’re thinking…why would I buy Amazing Grass if I already know that the formula is weak? Well, whenever I write a greens powder review (or a review of any dietary supplement for that matter), I feel obligated to personally test the supplement myself before I can make a confident decision. In my experience as a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, I have found that my clients appreciate my input on a supplement more if I can speak about my personal experience with it. So, I took Amazing Grass for 30 days, and here’s what happened…

The first thing I want to talk about is the taste and texture because that’s the first thing I noticed. This is one of those green supplements that really lives up to its name…what I mean by that is it has a very grassy taste and texture. It literally tastes like grass, so I suppose Amazing Grass is an appropriate name for the product. I had to mix it in with orange juice instead of water to mask the greens taste, which did help, but not a whole lot to be honest.

Now onto the more important part…does Amazing Grass work? I can’t say I personally noticed any benefits if I’m being completely honest. The only effect I felt was an energy boost, which is likely due to the inclusion of green tea extract in the Amazing Grass greens blend. Green tea extract is naturally high in caffeine, so if you put enough of it in a supplement, it can help with energy levels. In terms of health benefits, that is pretty much the only one I noticed when taking Amazing Grass…even after a full 30 days of testing it.

Bottom Line: Based on my analysis of the supplement facts panel and my negative personal experience with Amazing Grass, I do not recommend this to any of my clients or readers. It simply didn’t produce benefits for me and therefore is not worth the money.

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What does Amazing Grass Green Superfood do?

What does Amazing Grass do for you? This greens powder is designed to provide you with superfoods, essential vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables that can lead to detoxification and cleansing benefits. Many people use green drinks to replace vegetables. This way, you get more than your daily serving’s worth, and you don’t have to eat fruits and veggies every day.

Plus, if the potency of the superfood blend is high enough, you can experience a lot more benefits than you would by eating the superfoods raw. Leafy greens are not enjoyable to eat, but when they come in vegetable powder form such as they do with green powders, they are much easier to consume.

You can expect to experience health benefits including enhanced immune health, digestive health, brain health, liver health, gut health, and more. The problem is you need a potent enough supplement, and the Amazing Grass greens blend is simply not potent enough to produce these types of health benefits in my opinion.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Ingredients List

Here is a complete list of all the nutrient rich superfoods, organic greens, and other ingredients Amazing Grass Green Superfood contains…

Amazing Grass Greens Blend

The Amazing Grass greens blend is very diverse and appears to be very impressive at first glance. However, despite all of the organic greens it contains, I would argue that the blend actually needs to be much stronger. I touched on this before, but the Amazing Grass greens blend just is not potent enough as a whole. According to the nutrition facts, which you can see below, it only provides about 5,700 milligrams worth of organic greens per serving. So, yes, the Amazing Grass greens blend does contain some fantastic organic greens, but I would personally like to see the dosage of the blend be much larger.

Antioxidant Blend

If you agreed with me that the Amazing Grass greens blend lacks potency, wait until you see the antioxidant blend. This one only provides about 1,100 milligrams worth of nutrients in every serving. So again we see the same issue with the antioxidant blend as we saw with the Amazing Grass greens formula…excellent list of ingredients, but the dosage of the blend isn’t large enough. I love the ingredients it contains such as wholesome fruits including acerola cherry, organic Acai, and organic beet, but I just don’t believe they can produce benefits unless the dosages are significantly higher. Wholesome fruits are only nutritious if you are consuming enough of them.

Amazing Grass ingredients and supplement facts

Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is one of the many nutritious greens in this blend that can provide the user with a wide variety of benefits including boosting metabolism, improving digestion, and boosting your immune system. It is especially beneficial when juiced, which is why wheat grass shots have become a popular thing. However, while leafy greens like wheat grass are very nutritious, they tend to taste really bad. And speaking from personal experience, Amazing Grass tastes pretty bad as well.

Barley Grass

Barley Grass is commonly believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidants when it comes to superfoods and leafy greens in general. If you’re looking to detoxify your system, this is the ingredient you want to see on the label. It is also believed to help improve bone health and boost immunity.


Spirulina is one of the most nutritious greens you can consume and is primarily known for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is also believed to potentially help lower cholesterol. Due to the long list of potential benefits, this is a superfood that you will see included in the vast majority of green drink supplements.

Beet Root

Beet Root is a known nitric oxide booster, which means it can help dilate your blood vessels and optimize blood circulation throughout your body. Improving your blood flow can lead to a wide variety of benefits including improved brain function and higher energy levels. Beet root juice is now actually consumed very commonly due to the amount of clinical trials that have shown the wide range of benefits beet roots can produce. See the references section at the bottom for more information on these clinical studies!

A Deep Dive Into Farm Fresh Greens

Amazing Grass Green Superfood contains many nutrients known as “farm fresh greens.” Farm fresh greens are a rich source of whole food nutrition, providing a variety of essential elements that contribute to overall health and well-being. The term “whole food nutrition” refers to the consumption of foods in their natural, minimally processed state, preserving the integrity of the nutrients present. The Amazing Grass greens blend contains a long list of nutrient rich superfoods and farm fresh greens such as organic wheat grass, organic barley grass, and organic alfalfa grass. Here are some key elements and benefits associated with farm-fresh greens:

1. Vitamins:

  • Farm fresh greens are often abundant in vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and various B-vitamins. These vitamins play crucial roles in immune function, vision, blood clotting, and energy metabolism.

2. Minerals:

  • Greens are a good source of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. These minerals, which can all be found in the Amazing Grass greens blend, are vital for bone health, muscle function, electrolyte balance, and oxygen transport in the blood.

3. Antioxidants:

  • Many farm fresh greens are rich in antioxidants, including phytochemicals such as flavonoids and carotenoids. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals in the body, protecting cells from oxidative damage and supporting overall health.

4. Fiber:

  • Greens, particularly leafy greens, are excellent sources of dietary fiber. Fiber is essential for digestive health, promoting regular bowel movements, and helping to maintain a healthy gut microbiota. The Amazing Grass greens blend is naturally pretty high in fiber, which is great.

5. Chlorophyll:

  • The green pigment in plants, chlorophyll, is abundant in farm-fresh greens. Chlorophyll has antioxidant properties and may contribute to detoxification and anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

6. Phytonutrients:

  • Farm fresh greens contain a diverse array of phytonutrients, which are bioactive compounds that have potential health benefits. These include polyphenols, glucosinolates, and other plant compounds that may have anti-inflammatory properties. The amount of phytonutrients you get in the Amazing Grass greens blend is amazing.

7. Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

  • Some farm fresh greens, such as certain varieties of lettuce and kale, contain small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are essential for heart health, brain function, and reducing inflammation.

8. Low in Calories, High in Nutrients:

  • Greens are typically low in calories but high in essential nutrients. This nutrient density makes them an excellent choice for those looking to maintain a healthy weight while ensuring adequate nutritional intake.

9. Blood Sugar Regulation:

  • The fiber and other nutrients in farm fresh greens may contribute to better blood sugar regulation. They can slow the absorption of sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.

10. Alkalizing Properties:

  • Some greens, like spinach and kale, have alkalizing properties. While the body naturally regulates its pH levels, incorporating alkaline-forming foods may support overall health.

11. Hydration:

  • Many greens have a high water content, contributing to hydration. Proper hydration is essential for various bodily functions, including digestion, nutrient transport, and temperature regulation.

Incorporating a variety of farm fresh greens into your diet through salads, smoothies, or cooked dishes provides a diverse array of nutrients and health benefits. Remember that a balanced and varied diet, along with other healthy lifestyle practices, is key to optimizing overall nutrition and well-being. If you have specific dietary concerns or health conditions, consider consulting with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian for personalized guidance.

servings of superfoods and greensWhat are the best Amazing Grass Green Superfood flavors? Choose from this list:

Amazing Grass comes in three different flavors including Original, Chocolate, and Sweet Berry. The problem with any flavor other than Original is that you’re going to be consuming artificial additives as well as additional sugar, fat, and sodium. For that reason, we only recommend Original. Here are all of their flavors:

  • Original
  • Sweet Berry
  • Chocolate


Amazing Grass Green Superfood benefits and side effects

Here are the benefits and side effects of Amazing Grass…

Amazing Grass Benefits

There are plenty of Amazing Grass health benefits to be experienced by users due to the vast amount of superfoods the formula contains. There are several very nutritious greens veggies, fruits, and grasses.

Some of the key benefits include detoxifying and cleansing your system, improving digestion, optimizing gastrointestinal function, promoting a healthy gut, and boosting energy levels. These are benefits that superfoods are well known to be able to produce, but generally you need a lot more superfoods than this formula provides.

You should still be able to experience these benefits to an extent, but they would be a lot more drastic and significant if you were to utilize a more potent superfood supplement. Additionally, a supplement with more digestive enzymes and probiotics would help amplify these benefits by improving your body’s ability to utilize the nutrients. Like I said before, I personally tested Amazing Grass and did not experience many health benefits aside from an energy boost.

Amazing Grass Side Effects

Superfood drinks generally don’t cause side effects since you’re really just consuming a blend of vegetables, herbs, and fruits. You may feel a little stomach discomfort your first couple times trying it, but then your body will get used to it.

One thing to look out for when it comes to superfood powders is whether or not the formula contains green tea, or any other ingredient that naturally contains caffeine. We generally recommend avoiding green drinks that contain caffeine since it can cause side effects for people.

Amazing Grass does contain caffeine, so you may have side effects such as restlessness, headaches, or anxiety. As I spoke about before, the caffeine it contains comes from the green tea extract and is naturally occurring. I noticed an energy boost when I was taking Amazing Grass myself, which I personally enjoyed. However, if you don’t like caffeine, this may not be the supplement for you.

Other Amazing Grass Cons

The biggest downfall of this supplement really just lies in the fact that the superfood blend as a whole is not potent enough. We also would ideally like to see higher dosages of digestive enzymes and probiotics. It does contain a wide range of nutrient rich superfoods, but in my opinion, it simply doesn’t matter how many nutritious greens it contains if the dosages are too low. If you want to experience the benefits of wholesome fruits and vegetables, you need to be consuming a higher dosage of these nutrients than this supplement offers. Plus, I had a negative experience using it, so that doesn’t help its case.

Amazing Grass Complaints & Praise (info from real Amazing Grass Green Superfood reviews)

Me holding amazing grass green superfoodA total of over 4,500 Amazing Grass Green Superfood reviews have been submitted on Amazon at the time of writing, and the customer feedback is pretty impressive.

It received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, which is very impressive, especially considering the sample size. The vast majority of customer reviews are very positive, with about 75% of users rating it 5 stars.

There were some negative reviews citing complaints such as upset stomach or lack of results, but negative feedback does not seem to be very common. The complaint I saw the most often when I was reading through the reviews was the same complaint I had, which is the grassy taste. It’s pretty tough to stomach this stuff.

Additionally, the lack of potency issue with regard to the Amazing Grass greens blend still looms very large. The supplement facts are always more important than customer reviews, and in this case, the supplement facts were as reliable as ever based on my personal experience using the product.

Is Amazing Grass worth it? My Amazing Grass Green Superfood review conclusion

All things considered, I do not believe Amazing Grass is worth it whatsoever based on the comparatively low potency of the greens blend and my negative experience using the supplement. It simply does not provide enough superfoods per serving. The formula is solid and contains a lot of nutrient rich superfoods, and the customer reviews are mostly encouraging, but the greens blend ultimately pales in comparison to that of the top rated greens powders.

To view our #1 ranked green drink, check out our Greens Powders home page! You can find all of our top 10 picks there.

Amazing Grass FAQs

How much caffeine is in Amazing Grass Green Superfood?

Each serving of Amazing Grass contains about 85 MG of caffeine, which is one of the reasons why we do not recommend this green drink. That’s simply too much caffeine. It’s nearly the same amount of caffeine as an average cup of coffee.

Are there any Amazing Grass coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

Amazing Grass does not currently have any coupon codes available. Even if you could find a discount voucher somewhere, we still don’t believe it’s worth buying this product. It simply can’t compete with the top shelf greens powders.

How many times a day should I drink Amazing Grass Green Superfood?

It is only meant to be taken once per day. One serving every morning is generally recommended. There’s not much of a point to taking more than one serving of any green drink per day, assuming the supplement is potent enough that you don’t need to double up on servings.

Does Amazing Grass contain lead?

No, it does not contain lead according to the official Amazing Grass website. That would be a huge issue and topic of controversy if any green drink supplement contained lead, as lead poisoning is a very serious and dangerous risk that no dietary supplement company would be willing to take.

How do you drink Amazing Grass?

You can simply mix one scoop of the powder in with a cup of water, or you can add a scoop to a smoothie or protein shake if you want to mask the taste of the greens. I personally found that drinking it mixed in with juice was much better than water because juice does a better job at covering up the taste of the greens.


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I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).

Hi, I’m Joe Costello CNC

I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).