Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review (Is It Worth It?)

by Joe Costello, CNC | Pre Workout

Mr. Hyde Pre Workout ReviewMr Hyde Pre Workout is an increasingly popular supplement that receives consistently positive user reviews. This Mr Hyde Pre Workout review will take an in depth look at why it works for so many people.

Additionally, you will see why the formula fell short of our #1 ranked best pre workout supplement in terms of potency. We do NOT recommend Mr Hyde very highly, and would strongly recommend checking out our list of the top 10 Best Pre Workout supplements before choosing this one.

Benefits of Mr Hyde Pre Workout

Here are the key benefits of supplementing with Mr Hyde pre workout…

  • Can increase your ability to burn fat
  • Could help spike energy levels
  • Has potential to create bigger muscle pumps
  • Can improve performance and endurance
  • Strength improvements are possible

How Does Mr Hyde Pre Workout Work?


A big part of the reason this pre workout is so popular is because of the thermogenic component. These ingredients are directly responsible for the potential increased fat burning.

The way thermogenesis works is by heating up your internal body temperature upon ingestion. However, it is not the rise in temperature that leads to the benefits like most people assume. It is the cooling back down that produces the benefits.

When your body temperature rises, your body must work hard in order to cool itself back down. This process requires a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories, meaning that thermogenic compounds can help you to burn more fat during your workout when taken as part of a pre workout supplement.

Energy Boosting Blend

Mr Hyde Pre Workout also works largely in part by its ability to potentially help increase your energy levels to the maximum. When your energy is consistently high throughout your workout, your muscles are less likely to get fatigued too early, which can allow you to lift more weight and get more reps. All of the best pre workout powders have potent energy blends.

It is important to note that the energy boost you get from Mr Hyde Pre Workout is not temporary and can often last throughout your workout. That can allow you to consistently lift more weight than normal.

Your body and mind can both be working at maximum efficiency because of the way the supplement can effect both your energy levels and your level of focus.

Mr Hyde Pre Workout Ingredients

Beta Alanine

This ingredient is great for increasing strength & endurance and can be found in all of the best pre workout supplements for a reason. Beta Alanine is important because of its ability to help boost two things that work really well together: strength and endurance.

Increased strength can allow you to lift more weight, and increased endurance can allow you to lift it for longer periods of time. In other words, Beta Alanine can lead to higher weight and higher reps.

Ultimately the primary benefits resulting from Beta Alanine are not necessarily related to energy boosting as you might assume when purchasing a pre workout supplement, but rather involve the potential to increase muscle growth and speed up recovery.

People tend to focus too much on the energy-boosting component of a pre workout supplement and forget to make sure there is also an efficient muscle-boosting component. Beta Alanine is the primary muscle-building component in this supplement.

Creatine Nitrate

Creatine Nitrate can increase availability of phosphocreatine in your body, which is vitally important in terms of ensuring your muscles don’t get fatigued too early in your workout.

Phosphocreatine is a major contributor to the production of ATP, which is the fuel behind every muscle movement you make during your workout. As your body starts to run out and can’t keep up with your intensity level, you tend to lose power.

Creatine Nitrate can help make sure your muscles maintain that same power you start off with throughout your whole workout. It can allow you to be as powerful as you are at the beginning of your workout for your whole routine.


L-Leucine is a key BCAA that can help your muscles grow during your workout and help make sure they properly recover once your workout is over. Proper and speedy recovery is the key to muscle building because the faster your muscles recover, the faster you can work them out again. The more often you work them out, the faster they can grow.

BCAAs are huge for growth and recovery, and L-Leucine is arguably the most powerful one. If it doesn’t have BCAAs, then its simply not one of the best pre workout supplements as far as we’re concerned.

Citrulline Aspartate

Can boost nitric oxide levels which can lead to increased blood flow. Your blood is what carries all of the important, muscle-building nutrients. That means that better blood flow can mean more effective nutrient flow and absorption by your muscles. In other words, you can get bigger more quickly.

Mr Hyde Pre Workout Supplement Facts Ingredients

Mr Hyde Pre Workout Reviews From Real Users

Now that Mr Hyde Pre Workout has been available on Amazon for a year or so, we have enough data to add this section into the review. There are a total of 307 Mr Hyde Pre Workout reviews available on Amazon right now. What do they say? Let’s dive into the data…

Across 307 total reviews, it received an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, which is pretty impressive. If you’re still not impressed, check this out…70% of users at the time of writing have given it a 5-star rating in their reviews.

Only about 15% of people rate it 3 stars or less, which is pretty impressive. Everyone seems to be enjoying this stuff, but I can’t get over a few simple facts. It’s just factually inferior to our top ranked pre workout powders based on the Supplement Fact Panel comparisons.

The Pros

  • Contains thermogenics
  • Potent energy blend
  • Powerful formula
  • Can improve strength and endurance
  • Could help grow and recover muscles faster

The Cons

  • Contains caffeine, so may be unsafe for people with heart problems
  • The ingredients are contained in pretty low amounts, meaning that they may not be as effective as they are intended to be

Is Mr Hyde Pre Workout Worth It? Our Conclusion

At the end of the day, this is really just your basic cheap pre workout product. We do not recommend it and don’t think Mr. Hyde is worth it because there are loads of supplements that blow this one out of the water.

If you want to maximize your results and get the most from your efforts in the gym, it’s worth it to spend a few extra bucks to get a truly top notch pre workout. Check out our top 10 recommendations to learn more.

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Hi, I’m Joe Costello CNC

I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).