GNC Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Review, Side Effects & Nutrition Facts

by Joe Costello, CNC | Pre Workout

Lit pre workout jar

Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout is a solid supplement that can be found at your local supplement shop, such as GNC. The best pre workout supplements are usually found online, but if you’re someone who prefers to buy in stores, this one is a decent option. With that being said, read this Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout review to find out why we do NOT recommend it and why it failed to rank on our BEST PRE WORKOUT 2023 list.

If you feel that you are being shorted on gains at the gym, it honestly might be because you are either not taking a good pre-workout, or you are taking a bad one. In either case, you need to rectify that situation with immediacy if gaining muscle is a goal. If you are taking a legit pre workout but the gains aren’t coming, you should try tweaking your workout schedule, pay attention to your carb backloading cycles, and make sure you aren’t over consuming alcohol or other inflammatory ingredients.

GNC Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout Review: is Lit Pre Workout good?

GNC Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout is a solid supplement overall, but it’s missing a couple of key ingredients that our top recommended pre workout powders all contain. It also uses excessive amounts of certain ingredients which can lead to jitters, anxiety, and other side effects. In our opinion, it’s just not a very well rounded supplement.

Speaking as a Certified Nutrition Coach, I personally do NOT recommend Beyond Raw Lit. I’ve personally used it and had a really bad experience with it (jitters, anxiety, shakes, etc.), but that’s actually not the primary reason I recommend avoiding it. To me, the biggest problem is the ingredient profile. The ingredient profile is missing one of the most important ingredients, and severely under dosed two other critical ingredients.

It does not contain betaine anhydrous whatsoever, which is a problem as this is one of the most clinically proven ingredients with regard to enhancing exercise performance. However, my biggest issues are the severe under-dosing of creatine monohydrate (absolutely key when it comes to muscle pump intensity and endurance), and the under-dosing of L-Citrulline (the most powerful ingredient when it comes to nitric oxide production).

L-Citrulline is hands down the most important ingredient in any pre workout supplement because it significantly increases your body’s nitric oxide production by dilating your blood vessels, which leads to enhanced exercise performance and improved muscular endurance. It is criminally under dosed here at only 3 grams per serving. The pre workout I recommend to my clients, Pre Series Bulk, contains TWICE the amount of Citrulline at 6 grams per serving.

Is there a Lit Pre Workout discount or coupon code?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Beyond Raw Lit pre workout discount code at the time of writing. The product is made by GNC’s Beyond Raw, who does not often have discounts running. It’s also slightly overpriced based on what it does and does not provide, so that doesn’t help. To be honest, even if I could find a discount code for you, I still wouldn’t recommend this product…it’s just not worth it.

What does Lit Pre Workout do?

What does Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout do for you? It contains a variety of ingredients that are designed to improve energy and focus levels, improve nitric oxide production, enhance exercise performance, and lead to better muscle recovery and growth. Ultimately, the formula is meant to improve your performance in the gym. Beyond Raw takes an approach that is heavily focused on stimulants and nootropics…not my favorite approach, but some people like it.


What are the best Lit Pre Workout flavors? Choose from this list:

There are a bunch of different Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout flavors, and many of them are pretty good. The Lit Pre Workout Gummy Worm is their most popular flavor. Here is a list of our favorite Lit pre workout flavor options:

  • Gummy Worm
  • Fruit Punch
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Jolly Rancher Green Apple
  • Bubble Gum

Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout ingredients list

The Lit Pre Workout ingredients are:

  • CarnoSyn Beta Alanine
  • Micronized Creatine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • elevATP
  • Neurofactor
  • L-Citrulline
  • Nitrosigine

CarnoSyn Beta Alanine

Of the Beyond Raw Lit ingredients, Beta Alanine is one of the best as it is an endurance-boosting ingredient that can help act as a buffer for lactic acid. Lactic acid buildup is responsible for making you feel sore and can hold you back during a workout. If you are looking to be able to push yourself to your limits, bet alanine can make a huge difference in your workouts.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is a good ingredient to use if you want to increase strength and put on mass. Creatine supplementation can help provide you with the energy you need to persevere through an intense workout. Creatine is actually the single most clinically studied ingredient in all of sports nutrition. There is a lot of evidence supporting the efficacy of creatine with regard to strength improvement.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a popular ingredient in pre-workout supplements because it helps give you fast-acting energy that can help give you a solid start to your workout. While some people can be sensitive to caffeine, the side effects are often never too serious. The Lit pre workout caffeine content is too high for our liking, and it may cause anxiety and jitters.


L-Citrulline is an amino acid that can help boost your blood flow and increase your ability to produce nitric oxide. L-Citrulline becomes L-Arginine after digestion, which is the precursor to nitric oxide, making this the perfect ingredient for boosting your nitric oxide levels. It is widely believed to be the most powerful nitric oxide booster available for that reason. Nitric oxide boosting is the key to great work outs, great muscle pumps, and increased stamina.

Lit Pre Workout nutrition facts

Lit Pre Workout nutrition facts and ingredients list

Let’s take a closer look at the Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout nutrition facts. I’ve created the below table to help elaborate and explain the nutrition label:

Lit pre workout serving size: 1 Scoop

Servings per container: 30

Lit Pre Workout Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving




3 grams


0 grams


15 milligrams


100 milligrams

Beta Alanine

3.2 grams

Creatine Monohydrate

1.5 grams

Caffeine Anhydrous

250 milligrams


150 milligrams


100 milligrams


3 grams


1.5 grams

Citric Acid

Dosage not disclosed

Lit Pre Workout how to use guide

Beyond Raw Lit Pre Workout is very simple to use and the directions are very straight forward. Simply mix one scoop in with a glass of water and drink it about 10-20 minutes before your workout. This stuff is strong, so it kicks in pretty fast. If you are sensitive to pre workouts that have high stimulant intensity, you may want to avoid this one, as it contains an exceptionally high amount of stimulants.

If you are sensitive to

Lit Pre Workout pros and cons

Here are the GNC Lit pre workout side effects & benefits:

Benefits of Lit Pre Workout

Here are the benefits of Lit Pre Workout:

  • Increased energy
  • A boost in endurance
  • Enhanced strength and power
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Elevated focus

There are certainly some Lit Pre Workout health benefits for users to reap here, especially due to their use of Creatine and L-Citrulline. Both of these ingredients can lead to improved blood flow, increased strength, enhanced stamina, and better muscle pumps.

Their inclusion of Beta Alanine can also produce the benefit of delayed muscle fatigue, which essentially means you may be able to work out for longer and get a few extra reps in here and there. Your muscles don’t get exhausted as quickly when you utilize Beta Alanine properly.

Beyond Raw Lit pre workout side effects: is Lit pre workout bad for you?

Some of the Beyond Raw Lit side effects could be jitters, anxiety, headaches & stomach cramps. And here’s the problem with Lit pre workout. Yes, it contains high-quality ingredients, and yes the dosages are all very high. However, the dosages are too high in some instances, and way too low in other instances.

Certain users might love Beyond Raw Lit, but for a lot of people, the exceptionally high doses of beta alanine and other stimulants is going to cause some pretty bad side effects. I personally hated it because of how intense the stimulants were. It gave me a lot of anxiety and jitters, which are both things I already have and do not need exacerbated. If you have issues with anxiety, you may want to consider a different supplement.

Other Lit Pre Workout cons

Aside from the Lit energy drink side effects & certain ingredients being overdosed and stimulants potentially being overused in general, the only other real cons are the price and the under-dosed ingredients, which are creatine and citrulline. It’s an average supplement, and you really aren’t getting a ton of value here. You can find options that pack a lot more nutrients and cost the same or less. Value is important.

Lit Pre Workout complaints & praise (from real customer Lit Pre Workout reviews)

Me holding Lit pre workoutWhen I originally posted this review, there weren’t enough customer Beyond Raw Lit reviews available for us to generate data. However, there have been over 2,100 Beyond Raw Lit reviews submitted on Amazon. Let’s have a look at the data…

The average rating it received across 2,000+ Beyond Raw Lit pre workout reviews is 4.5 out of 5 stars…shockingly impressive. If that wasn’t encouraging enough for you, how about this statistic: 73% of the reviews contain 5-star ratings. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is impressive. There are not a whole lot of negative GNC Beyond Raw Lit reviews to be found.

A ton of people are loving this stuff, so why is it that I still don’t recommend it? Look, the lit pre workout powder is solid, there is no denying that. I just can’t recommend it over some of my top rated pre workouts because it simply isn’t quite as good…want proof?

Here’s an example of what I mean…Beyond Raw Lit only contains 3,000 MG of Citrulline, which is the most powerful nitric oxide booster on the planet and arguably the most important ingredient in any pre workout supplement. Well, my #1 recommendation contains TWICE that amount of Citrulline at 6,000 MG per serving…and that’s just one example of how it’s better. Check out the full review to learn more.

Is Lit Pre Workout worth it? Our Beyond Raw Lit review conclusion

Bottom Line: Lit Pre Workout has a decent formula, but it’s missing some super key nutrients, and some extremely important dosages are lower than I’d like to see them, which is why I simply can NOT recommend this supplement as a Certified Nutrition Coach. Additionally, hopefully my Beyond Raw Lit review has shown you that some of the stimulant dosages are too high, which could lead to some unwanted effects. Betaine Anhydrous is one of the most essential nutrients for enhancing your muscular performance in the gym, and we simply can’t recommend a supplement that doesn’t include it…factor in the low dosages of creatine and citrulline, and I think it’s safe to say this product is a hard pass for me.


Does Lit Pre Workout expire?

While Lit pre workout will eventually expire, it’s usually not until at least a year after it was manufactured. It’s pretty rare for people to receive expired jars. However, if you do, you should reach out to them and let them know they sent you an expired jar.

Does Lit Pre Workout help you lose weight?

There are no ingredients in the supplement that would indicate it can directly help you lose weight. However, it could possibly indirectly help with weight loss simply by intensifying your workouts. This isn’t necessarily likely, but it is possible. If you are serious about weight loss, supplements are not the answer. You need to take a hard look at your diet and exercise routine.

How long for Lit Pre Workout to kick in?

The answer to this question varies from person to person, but generally it should take anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes to kick in. For me personally, it kicked in within 5 minutes after trying it. It’s a pretty strong supplement…some might think it’s too strong. The heavy focus on stimulants makes this stuff super intense.

Can you take Lit Pre Workout on keto?

Yes, in theory you should be able to take it without breaking ketosis. There are no ingredients in the product that would not be considered keto friendly, and I don’t see anything in the nutrition facts that would cause issues for people on keto.

Can you take Lit Pre Workout on an empty stomach?

Yes, you can take it on an empty stomach. However, be aware that this will probably cause it to kick in faster, and it may be a little stronger than it would be if you were to take it after eating. So, you can take it on an empty stomach, but just be careful.

How long does Lit Pre Workout last?

Due to the amount of stimulants it contains, it is likely going to last pretty long. It might take a little bit too long to wear off, which is one of our issues with it. You might feel restless and have trouble sleeping as a result of how long it lasts.

Does Lit Pre Workout have DMAA?

No, it does not contain any DMAA. DMAA is an illegal amphetamine, and if this product contained it, that would be a huge problem. It is not on the nutrition label, and we don’t believe Beyond Raw would do such a thing as secretly add it, so nothing to worry about here.

What is the difference between Lit and Lit AF pre workout?

Lit and Lit AF are very close to being the exact same product and are both made by Beyond Raw. The only difference is that some of the ingredient dosages in Lit AF are ramped up a little bit. Essentially, they made minor improvements to the formula in Lit AF. I would not recommend either one of these supplements, as they are both still missing key ingredients and pretty severely under-dosing other crucial ingredients.

Where to buy Lit Pre Workout at the best price

First of all, how much does Lit Pre Workout cost? Let’s take a look at where to buy Lit Pre Workout & get the cheapest deal on prices:



Check Current Pricing





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I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).