CBDistillery Review 2021 (Are They Legit Or Over Hyped?)

by Joe Costello, CNC | CBD Oil

CBDistillery cbd oil tincture and boxCBDistillery is one of the largest CBD companies around in 2021, but does bigger always mean better? In this CBDistillery review, I’m going to break down the up sides and down sides of buying from such a large company and explain why I actually do NOT recommend CBDistillery products…

This CBDistillery review isn’t necessarily meant to be negative, and I’m certainly not trying to bash them or their products. However, the fact is there are better companies out there with higher quality products, and I can’t ignore that fact.

In other words, the reason I don’t recommend CBDistillery isn’t necessarily because they’re a bad company, it’s just because a couple of other CBD companies are better…and as a certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, I feel obligated to recommend strictly the best. Click the link below to see the top picks!


CBDistillery review 2021: Is CBDistillery any good?

CBDistillery is certainly a legitimate brand with a couple of very good products…I just wouldn’t classify this brand as one of the best. In other words, their CBD products are good, but not great. They have a couple of stand out products in their line, which we will discuss in a later section, but at the end of the day, they simply can’t compete with the top-shelf brands.

CBDistillery prices

First of all, how much does CBDistillery cost? Let’s take a look at their prices:



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CBDistillery CBD Oil


CBDistillery CBD Capsules


Are there any CBDistillery coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

Unfortunately, there are no CBDistillery coupon codes or discount vouchers available at the time of writing. Most of the CBD brands we have written reviews for allow us to offer our readers an exclusive discount code, but CBDistillery did not provide that option. However, our top ranked best CBD brand gave us an exclusive promo code for 10% off!

CBDistillery products list

CBDistillery CBD Oil

CBDistillery makes several different kinds of CBD oils, which is a good example of that wide variety I was talking about earlier. Many see this kind of variety as a good thing, but if one of their CBD oil products is clearly better than the rest, what do we need the other ones for?

The best CBD oil they make is their 1,000 MG full spectrum CBD oil tincture. I love this product primarily because of the potency and value. You’re getting a very solid dosage of CBD in every serving…in fact, the serving size is above industry average.

Additionally, as you may know if you’ve read some of my other CBD reviews, I’m a big fan of full spectrum CBD products. Way too many companies use CBD isolate, which I believe to be way less effective based on its inability to produce the “entourage effect,” which is a benefit that only full spectrum oil can produce.

All of that to say, their use of full spectrum oil here is ideal, the dosages are great, and the value is excellent. I’d say this is easily their best product, but it’s still not quite as good as the elite top-shelf CBD oil products.

CBDistillery CBD Gummies

I’d be remised in my duties as a supplement analyst if I didn’t point out the problems with their CBD gummies. Also, the lack of quality with this product should help you understand why I don’t see CBDistillery as one of the best CBD brands…

My problem with this product is the use of CBD isolate. As I said before, it’s significantly weaker and less effective than full spectrum CBD, and they could easily have used full spectrum CBD…so why didn’t they?

One of the problems with buying from enormous companies is that they care more about their money than the quality of the product, so they will often elect to use cheaper options such as CBD isolate. The only real answer to why they wouldn’t use full spectrum CBD here is that it saves them money to use isolate.

Aside from that, I do like the dosage size of 30 MG per gummy and the total amount of CBD per bottle being 750 MG. These numbers are very solid, but I simply don’t believe it’s worth the money at the end of the day because the gummies aren’t full spectrum.

CBDistillery CBD Capsules

Now it’s time to talk about their second best CBD product, which is their softgels. They sell a 30-count bottle of soft gel capsules, each of which contains 30 MG of CBD. These are some pretty highly potent capsules for a relatively low price…

Plus, the CBD in use is full spectrum, which is ideal. I love this product…high dosages, full spectrum, and great value. There’s not a lot to complain about here.

Like I said in the beginning of this review, CBDistillery is not a bad company and they make some solid products. However, as you can see with their CBD Gummies, the product quality is not consistent across their entire line, which is really the main reason why I don’t give them a higher rating.

CBDistillery pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of CBDistillery products.

CBDistillery benefits

Make no mistake, there are certainly benefits of buying from a large company like CBDistillery such as lower prices and wider variety. However, when it comes to product quality and careful formulation, it’s clear that large corporations like this one don’t care quite as much as the up-and-comers who are really trying to make a difference in the space…

For example, they say their products are third party lab tested and potency levels are verified, which is great, but they don’t really explain the results or what they mean, so the average consumer doesn’t really know what they’re looking at.

Companies with truly impressive lab results proudly post the results along with an explanation of what they mean, which is the case with my #1 ranked CBD company. You just get the sense that Transcend Labs really cares more about transparency and educating their customers.

Anyways, some of the benefits of buying from CBDistillery include very wide variety, generally solid prices, multiple types of CBD available, easy to use website, and good customer service.

In terms of CBD health benefits, you can expect anxiety relief, pain relief, and help falling asleep. These are not necessarily CBDistillery benefits, but rather benefits of high quality full spectrum CBD products in general.

CBDistillery side effects

Side effects are tricky when it comes to CBD because they generally are nonexistent, and the side effects that do occasionally get reported are not really side effects if you think about it. Let me explain…

Some of the side effects include feeling tired, unproductive, and groggy. However, the point of CBD is to relax you, calm you down, and help relieve anxiety. So, what some people report as side effects could just be the CBD doing its job, and maybe these people simply don’t like the way it feels.

As a 100% natural, organic, plant-derived subtance, CBD does not generally cause side effects, but you should be aware that if you take a high quality CBD product, it is going to relax you and slow you down in general…which is the point.

CBDistillery complaints & praise (CBDistillery product reviews from real customers)

Due to some unfair regulations that currently exist in the CBD industry, CBD brands are unable to list their products on websites like Amazon. Amazon is where we typically turn to for trusted verified buyer reviews, so the unfair regulations make this section of the review a little more difficult to write.

With that being said, we were able to find several third party CBDistillery reviews on other websites similar to ours, and it seems most people agree with our verdict on this brand. It is consistently given good ratings, but it’s never ranked in the top 3-5. The consensus seems to be that CBDistillery is an average, mid-tier brand.

Is CBDistillery worth it? Our conclusion

When all is said and done, CBDistillery is a good company, but they failed to rank amongst our top 5 due to quality inconsistency across their product line and the fact that not all products are full spectrum. They make a couple high quality products, but they also make some products that don’t quite match that same level of quality.

I was most disappointed with their CBD gummies specifically, but the inability to consistently produce top quality products across their entire line is ultimately the reason why they aren’t one of my top recommendations.

Again, I like CBDistillery…I just don’t recommend them over some of the other more consistent CBD brands I have reviewed. If you think their line is impressive, click below to learn about a company that is even more impressive and uses strictly full spectrum CBD.


FAQs on CBDistillery

Is CBDistillery legit?

Yes, CBDistillery is a legit company with a good reputation in the CBD space. There is a general consensus in the space that they are a solid company. However, the main reason we don’t recommend them is the fact that they failed to use full spectrum CBD across all products.

Who owns CBDistillery?

CBDistillery is owned by a company called Balanced Health Botanicals. They are a very large corporation with many different brands.

Is CBDistillery full spectrum?

Not entirely, which as I mentioned before, is our biggest problem with this brand. Some of their products are full spectrum, others are not. Our top recommended brands strictly offer full spectrum CBD.

Is CBDistillery THC free?

Some products are THC free, others contain a maximum of <.3% THC. The Farm Bill requires all CBD products to contain under .3% THC, so that is the maximum amount any CBDistillery product can contain.

Is CBDistillery organic?

Yes, CBDistillery products are organic. It’s generally safe to assume CBD is organic as it is derived from organically grown hemp for the most part.

Is CBDistillery FDA approved?

No, CBDistillery is not FDA approved. With that being said, no CBD company is FDA-approved just yet. The industry is just too new, and FDA approval takes a long time.

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I’m not just a supplement analyst. I’m an extremely qualified one! I am a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) and actually received my certification directly from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am also a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).